Saturday, August 15, 2020

Getting "The Call"

When I got “the call” from a publishing house I was not wholly surprised. I had optimism because the publisher, Kerry A. Jones, had previously read my manuscript and suggested changes. I remembered thinking that if she took time out of her busy schedule to read and give advice, then she was probably interested. If I could manage to make the changes according to her observations, that is. 

I knew I had one other thing going for me, the setting of the book.I had fallen in love with Northeast Oregon and wrote about it. I had read in the newspaper that Jones happened to have grown up on a ranch in northeast Oregon before moving on to college and her career. 

After my husband and I found Northeast Oregon, we bought some properties in the area. My husband had an interest in gold mining but I fell in love with the gold mining history. Out of this love came this, my first published book, MAYA’s GOLD by Mary Vine.

Jones called me on July 5, 2007 and soon presented me with a contract for the rights to my first book (the third manuscript I had written).

My love for Baker County (and a bit of Grant County) is present in all of the pages of this book.  This work literally takes you on a tour of some of the gold mining areas. Further, my fiction books (all but one) revolve around these counties, too. Along with MAYA'S GOLD,  A PLACE TO LAND and SNAKE RIVER RENDEZVOUS are all connected by the fictional town of Salisbury Junction. The books aren’t a series, yet the heroes and heroines are associated in each book.

To check out the area I love so much, take a read or look at MAYA’S GOLD:

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