Monday, November 19, 2018


I don't know about you but it has been hard for me to watch the news for a long time now and I'm not talking about the devastating fire or weather conditions that plague so many areas. My heart, and prayers, goes out to those affected and I am encouraged by those who help in times of loss.

No, it's hard to watch what else is on media outlets. Bullying is at an all time high, because we not only learn how it's done outside of our homes but on our local television channels as well. 

Political parties are at war even the moment after an election that gave us a chance to promote our parties and vote to change some of the things happening in the country.

Many people seem to think they are an educated professional when it comes to a serious problem in the country, and that their conclusions are the right ones, when, in fact, they are not qualified to speak at all. Still, we all appear to hang on their every word.

I did vote and I try to remember to pray for our leaders, our country, and to pay attention to issues and to vote in the future. I no way claim that I have the answer to our nation's problems. I do think that those who feel that they can do something positive, educate yourself and move into the appropriate channels or jobs that can actually help us. Or, support someone who can do so. I can write and I am thinking about a children’s book on being kind to everyone. Because, what I know for sure is that we can't possibly understand what another person who lives anywhere feels, or goes through unless we walk a mile in their shoes, as the saying goes. But we can be kind. By being kind we are making a difference however small.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Keep On Movin'

It’s funny how we don’t consider housework, or chores around the house as exercise. I know I say my chosen manner of exercise is time on a stationary bike.  Hey, I can even read a book while I’m peddling. Perhaps housework isn’t fun enough to be considered an excellent form of exercise. I’ve never heard anyone say that they’d washed all the floors in their house for one hour, in place of a workout at their neighborhood fitness club. Perhaps, it’s because we can’t measure the work the same as a device that measures how far we’ve gone or how many calories we’ve burned. Who knows? Maybe there is something electronic out there that can count the mop swings.
I have to really be psyched up to make myself vigorously wash all of the floors in my home, let alone dust. I will procrastinate until company’s coming or I just have to clean them. It is so much easier for me to jump on the stationary bike and read a book.
The man in the picture is my husband Greg. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008. Here he is with our youngest grandson, Johnny.
Over the years my husband has stopped drinking and smoking, two very hard things to do and which I admire him for. Still, at this writing, I am the most proud of all he can do in a little block of time each day. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have disabilities of some sort and sit on the couch and brood for months to years, and frankly who can blame them? Yet with Greg, he knows that his body will function better in the mornings, and he gets up and gets busy at the store, house, garage, or outside and gets a lot done. He doesn’t do much procrastinating because he knows that if it is going to get done it will have to be done in the morning hours. Basically, there will not be any energy left; he cannot move very well the rest of the day. Mind over MS, he says. This attitude propels him forward. What he does is exercise, but he has something to show for it by helping to keep our family going, or to enjoy something he does outside. Gym or exercise equipment will not do it for him.
I can procrastinate when it comes to writing as well, and that is during the time not filled with family, cooking, job, shopping, etc. Well, writing is work, a brain workout if nothing else. If we keep moving we will have something to show for our work. If writers work hard enough they will have a finished manuscript and one day a published book.
We all must keep moving forward, with our bodies, our minds, and our dreams in the allotted time we have. One day, not a one of us will have any time left. So, let’s keep moving and have something to show for our labors.