Children's Books

At this writing, I have four published children books:


A young boy named Johnny overhears his grandmother saying that she will pray to the Big Guy Upstairs and he wonders who that is. His grandma tells him that it is an expression meaning God. While Grandma cooks soup, Johnny tries to find God in the attic. Grandma asks Johnny to help make brownies for dessert, and then he is off searching for God again. She finds him in the attic and explains who God is and that He lives in his heart. Johnny asks about helping others and they prepare to take some soup and brownies to their sick neighbor.

Little Biju Mouse wants to help his friend Church Mouse by sweeping the church sidewalk and steps. While working, Biju is concerned about the changes in the weather. Church Mouse takes the time to teach Biju about how what we see in the sky can relate to our lives in the form of metaphors on sunshine, dark clouds, rain and silver linings. While change can be hard, Biju discovers hope in silver linings and finds something to be thankful for.


Dragon Gilby’s mama told him that dragons were made to protect man, but most dragons he knew were mean and made fun of people. He wanted to be a different dragon yet was not sure how to go about doing the right thing. Gilby asks his friend, the preacher Max what he can do to be a good dragon and the preacher decides to give it some thought.On Dragon Gilby’s trip to the store, he comes across people in need and helps them the best he can. When he comes back to visit with Max, Max tells him his new friends have visited and told of Gilby’s good deeds. Dragon Gilby learns that just one dragon can make a difference after all.

Dragon Gilby spread his wings and glided down the mountain and into a meadow where he met his friend, a red deer named Jamie. Two boys, George, and Bob, happened by and said Jamie Deer had funny, skinny legs. Their laughter filled Jamie with shame and the dragon didn’t know how to make her feel better, so he went to find his friend, Preacher Max.

Preacher Max tells Gilby, Jamie, and the two boys, about the unique qualities of the red deer’s legs and feet and how we are all wonderfully made by God. We are all special no matter what size we are, and kindness can make anyone beautiful, because kindness is the opposite of being mean.

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