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Two of my books are out on in audio:

Love and gold. Mystery and passion. 

All famous mystery author Stanton Black wanted was to leave the flashbulbs of Hollywood behind. Hiding out in the wilds of northeast Oregon seemed like the perfect way to get over an attempt on his life while researching his work. His latest novel would draw on the history of his ancestors and the lore of gold country. Now, all he needed was a suitable tour guide.

Special education teacher Maya Valentine was no tour guide. After the death of her parents, Maya has come home to Salisbury Junction for the summer only to have an ailing friend talk her into escorting Stanton around the area. As a pattern of crime around her and the newfound gold on her property leads to mystery, her relationship with Stanton turns to thoughts of romance. A romance too impossible to consider.

If you’re like me the last time I bought an audio book, it was a cd that I listened to on the cd player in my car. When my publisher put two of my books on audio, I thought I should learn a little more about the process.
Audio books can be good to listen to when you’re working around the house, driving to or from work, or appointments clear across town. In my case, I’ve listened to books on journeys to see relatives in Washington and Oregon, making the trip far from mundane. Books are still enjoyed by the elderly with vision problems, and an audio book can be a thoughtful gift for them.
Choose your own device from Apple iPod, MP3 player, Kindle, your mobile phone, GPS or download to your computer. You don’t have to be a member of Audible to get an audio book on Amazon. You can purchase it just the way you buy anything on an Amazon account.
Audible is an Amazon company and to use Audible you have to have an Amazon account. You will have to install the Audible Manager, but I understand it takes less than fifteen minutes seconds to do so. Audible offers a 30-day free trial and two free books. When the trial period is over the cost is $14.95 per month, and the books you buy will be at least 30% off each. You may want to ask your friends if Audible is worth it to them. Many say that it is a good way to save money on audio books.

Isabella Moore grew up with six brothers and could best any of them. Against her family’s wishes, she leaves home to find the job she was put on this earth to do. When a stagecoach accident puts a break in her leg and plans, she finds herself in the forest of Northeast Oregon with no one to assist her but the town’s reluctant doctor.
Surgeon Gabriel Stone saw enough tragedy during the Civil War to give up doctoring for good. As a blacksmith in a gold mining town, he meets up with a lovely, risk-taking woman in need of a doctor. Ethically, he has no choice but to take her in, treat and shield her from the rowdy men of town - but can he entrust her with his heart?

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