Wednesday, June 3, 2020

My New Book and How It Came About

It's official, FAMOUS IN MURRAYVILLE is published in print and ebook formats!

This book has taken me longer to finish than any of my other twelve books. I started writing it just before my father passed away in 2012, but when he died I couldn't seem to write anything, so took a break.

I've picked it up a few times since then, still things got in the way until last summer, when I was determined to write until I hit "the end." I'm thinking this is the best time anyway, since I've added more details as I've gone along.

I found that it was nice to do a contemporary story after being in 1870 for the last three books. Now, I'm confused about which era to write about next.

Anyway, the title came to me after hearing the song, FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN by Miranda Lambert. According to Lambert, everyone knows what you're up to in a small town. So I thought, how much more so for the town mayor and created one for my fictitious small town Murrayville named Faith Chadwick.

Around this time I met a man who had been searching for Spanish treasure in Northeast Oregon, had seen some symbols on a rock and started digging. Whether true or not, I thought it would be an interesting premise and did some research on Spanish treasure.

Here is the blurb for FAMOUS IN MURRAYVILLE:

When attorney Brien McGrew files a land claim to search for the Harney County gold, he finds that the claim backs up to a house on private property. Why would a young woman be so intent on avoiding others, he wonders? So much for secrecy. 

Mayor Faith Chadwick loves living on the edge of nowhere so she can keep the town’s people from interrupting her privacy. Then Brien McGrew shows up next door and starts digging a hole, the size of a coffin. What could he be planning, she wonders? So much for peace and solitude. 

A fragile truce begins to build between the two neighbors. Someone else however is watching Faith—his own plan already in play. 
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