Sunday, July 7, 2019


I have been invited to join an author cooperative and I am excited to be part of it.
Good people, of like minds and career goals, help each other to grow in their writing craft to improve discoverability, to keep on top of the changing publishing landscape, and in cooperating to rise together.
We are an author publishing cooperative. This means that we are independent authors who have agreed to publish under a single press name and to support each other in our careers.
Windtree Press was formed in 2011 to offer a solution for the indie author by providing a place where authors share their knowledge, help each other create better books, and pool resources to take advantage of new technologies and new marketing opportunities. We began with three members and are now at 20 members with over 200 titles among them.
We are open to increasing membership, but we are also selective in that we want to make sure that members:
  • Continue to produce quality titles
  • Have  a real desire to continue to learn and share knowledge
  • Support each other’s efforts and share new opportunities
As Windtree members live across time zones and in other countries, we use a closed Facebook Group for our discussions, sharing of knowledge and opportunities, and any decision-making we need to do regarding how the press is operating. If you have an interest in joining this type of cooperative, please contact us and provide information about why you want to join, a link to your author website, and any questions you may have.
Check out the authors and their books at:

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