Saturday, October 17, 2020


Years ago, when I was a child, the girls wore dresses and Mary Jane shoes with what we used to call anklets. Once we grew older the anklets were set aside for the teen sock fashion of the day.  If our jeans or pants shrank or we grew taller, friends would look at our jeans ask if we were preparing for a flood. Obviously, it was a fashion no-no to be seen in pants too short.

Presently we have “flood” (cropped) jeans in style. This goes against the principles of a woman of a certain age! So, now I am looking online at proper winter socks to wear with these waders. Of course, ankle boots are the answer, but I don’t want to wear a boot every day this winter. I like my comfortable tennis shoes and I have different colors. This summer I have been wearing socks that don’t show, but it’s fall now and starting to get cold.

I suppose I can buy longer jeans but I have to admit these jeans are figure flattering even for a woman of a certain age. So, I looked at online images of jeans and socks and found that anklets were back in style. You have many choices of what kind of ankle socks to buy, even some frilly white fabric with a ruffle on the top like we used to wear.

My search tells me that I can probably fold the winter socks I already have in half and then hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of my friends of a certain age.

So, I will have to bite the bullet and let go of my principles. Yet, I can slowly get used to this idea as Covid-19 keeps me inside hiding these days. My husband won’t notice, and my dogs won’t care. I think I will survive.


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