Wednesday, June 23, 2021

New Time Travel Box Set by Mary Vine

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I am happy to announce that I have my time travel books, otherwise known as Gold Club Series Books 1-3, are in a box set! And it's available now.

How fun it has been to see all the books in one set and with beautiful new covers. Thanks to Covers by Karen, Maggie McVay for formatting and to author Paty Jager for answering my questions pertaining to the new format.

Here's a condensed version of the blurb for the series:

A Nugget of Time

A Boise newspaper sent Dixie Lea to Oregon, to interview the owner of the largest gold nugget found in a century. While waiting, she steps into a cave, yet wakes up alone on a hill in a different era. Following the Civil War, retired Lieutenant Colonel James Brogan decided to try his hand at gold mining

and discovers Dixie lost and confused. An ethical man, James is at a complete loss of what to do with a spirited, eccentric woman alone in the woods with no knowledge of how to survive in a rough gold mining town. 


FBI Agent Crawford Stone expects to go hiking in Oregon but enters a cave and travels back in time to a rowdy gold mining town. He’s not the only one out of place as he finds a woman attempting to ward off men gathering around her.
School teacher Sarah Goldbrick travels to Cracker City, Oregon in search of who is responsible for the death of her husband. She finds the investigator she needs in a strangely dressed lawman with unusual expertise.

Summer Solstice

Teacher, Emily Stone had prepared for a journey back in time since middle school, when she received a tintype photograph and a letter sent by a relative from the 1870s. After traveling back in time through a cave, Emily opens a one room schoolhouse. Farmer Elijah Brady, a war veteran, has plenty to be sullen about and has no patience for a schoolmarm who teaches his sisters ultramodern ideas. Still, his interest in furthering his own education draws him to her.

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